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The TinyMUSH/Mac Project

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TinyMUSH is a descendant of TinyMUD, both multi-user servers for text-based, interactive worlds, traditionally deployed on a unix system. The TinyMUSH/Mac project is a continuing effort to bring this to the Macintosh. TinyMUSH/Mac itself is currently shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions are addressed in the TinyMUSH/Mac Project FAQ list.


September 30, 2000: Major news -- this page has been updated.

TinyMUSH/Mac is now built with A-line. Because Metrowerks' IDE plugin compilers are no longer used, compiling PowerPC on 68K is no longer a problem. Of course, I have a Power Mac now so it's a moot issue anyway.

Although I will continue releasing new versions of TinyMUSH/Mac as I update the libraries it uses, I have no plans to work on the MUSH codebase or port another one. But if someone else is interested in working on this I'd be delighted to guide you and include your changes.

Netmush has switched back to GDBM for the DBM layer, and the source is distributed under the GNU GPL. I haven't released new 'binaries' yet, though.

January 3, 1999: TinyMUSH/Mac source code is now available!

Plans for the near future:


Send me your_ feedback. (Please put "TinyMUSH/Mac" somewhere in the subject field for a faster response.)

I appreciate your comments. I'd love to know how you heard about TinyMUSH/Mac, what your plans with it are, and what improvements you'd like. And even what you think sucks. :-)

Or, if you want to share your thoughts with the world, visit the TinyMUSH/Mac reviews at The Mac Orchard and submit one!

If you're running a public MUSH using TinyMUSH/Mac, why don't you have it listed on this site? Send me mail with the MUSH's name, address and port, registration address (if any), and a paragraph of description.


TinyMUSH/Mac is available as a single package which includes all programs and files involved in running the server. It does not include any client programs or system software.

TinyMUSH/Mac is now available exclusively via FTP, at <">. Individual distribution abstracts are part of the TinyMUSH/Mac product documentation.

Required software

The current state of affairs

The latest release is version 0.6.0b1. The latest pre-release of Netmush is 0.7.0d7, which must be installed over the TinyMUSH/Mac distribution.


Remaining issues

Prior releases

Previous releases of TinyMUSH/Mac are documented in the release history.

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