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TinyMUSH/Mac Release History

This information is no longer current, but may be of interest.

0.1 | 0.4 | 0.4.1 | 0.5.0d1 | 0.5.1d1

The first release

One distribution of TinyMUSH/Mac has been made so far. It's based on TinyMUSH 2.0.8-p10, which I got several years ago from, which no longer exists. After several months of hacking, I was able to compile it for 68K Macintosh with Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8. Several weeks later, I got it to link as well, and only a few days after that the damn thing actually works. :)

TinyMUSH is highly unix-dependent. This poses a problem for the Macintosh developer, manifesting in a number of symptoms:

Some of these are correctable through the use of publicly available libraries. TinyMUSH/Mac uses GNU dbm 1.7.3 and its ndbm emulation, and Matthias Neeracher's GUSI (Grand Unified Socket Interface) 1.6.4 to implement Berkeley sockets on the Macintosh.

Unfortunately, it remains necessary to make numerous changes to the source code, which I'll try to enumerate:

This is intended as proof of concept -- I've released it so you can see what I've done. You cannot use it as it currently stands to run a real MUSH.

Here's why: in the process of debugging my inability to connect to the Wizard character, and thus @shutdown the MUSH (until which Quit doesn't work), I created a huge security hole -- Typing shutdown at the welcome screen will cause the event loop to stop iterating.

Other known anomalies/bugs:

TinyMUSH/Mac 0.4

TinyMUSH/Mac version 0.4 has been released, warts and all. (The previous version was 'the first release'.)

Bug fixes

Added features

TinyMUSH/Mac 0.4.1

TinyMUSH/Mac 0.4.1 is a maintenance release.

Bug fixes

TinyMUSH/Mac 0.5.0d1

TinyMUSH/Mac 0.5.0d1 fixes several bugs and includes indices for help and news.


Bug fixes

Added features

TinyMUSH/Mac 0.5.1d1

TinyMUSH/Mac 0.5.1d1 fixes the sporadic disconnections (I think) as well as the repeating new_connection() error message, and includes MakeIndex -- a scriptable, drag-and-drop indexer based on mkindx.


Bug fixes

Added features

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