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The original Mac MUSH server.

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TinyMUSH is a descendant of TinyMUD, both multi-user servers for text-based, interactive worlds, traditionally deployed on a unix system. TinyMUSH/Mac is the result of a successful port to the Mac OS, and is now used by several MUSHes on the Internet. It's also part of a larger, continuing effort to redesign and improve the server.

Frequently Asked Questions are addressed in the TinyMUSH/Mac FAQ list.


December 8, 2004: In case you hadn't noticed, the mailing list is toast. If anyone cares, I'll start a new one on SourceForge.

This page is now officially under construction. I had separated TinyMUSH/Mac the product from TinyMUSH/Mac the project, but now I intend to merge it back into <>

December 14, 1998: The TinyMUSH/Mac mailing list is online! Once you subscribe, you can post messages to <>.

September 20, 1998: TinyMUSH/Mac is available. GDBM has been replaced with Berkeley DB, resolving a licensing conflict. This is the first version distributed under the Artistic License. Download it, update your database with 0.7.0d7 if necessary, and then please delete all older versions (including 0.7.0d7).

June 30, 1998: Netmush 0.7.0d7 is available. It's distributed as 68K only, due to bugs in Metrowerks' PowerPC compiler. Download it.

March 27, 1997: I haven't upgraded Game Wiz yet, but you can download a pre-release version of Netmush so those who can't bear to wait any longer can check it out. In the meantime, you can submit a review of TinyMUSH/Mac 0.6.0b1 at The Mac Orchard.

The current state of affairs

The latest release is version


Prior releases

Previous releases of TinyMUSH/Mac are documented in the release history.


Send me your feedback. (Please put "TinyMUSH/Mac" somewhere in the subject field for a faster response.)

I appreciate your comments. I'd love to know how you heard about TinyMUSH/Mac, what your plans with it are, and what improvements you'd like. And even what you don't like. :-)

Or, if you want to share your thoughts with the world, visit the review area at The Mac Orchard and submit one!

If you're running a public MUSH using TinyMUSH/Mac, why don't you have it listed on this site? Send me mail with the MUSH's name, address and port, registration address (if any), and a paragraph of description.

Occasionally (about once every several months) I send out bulletins regarding new releases or other important news about TinyMUSH/Mac. If you would like to receive them, let me know so I can add you to the distribution list. Please note that those who send feedback regarding TinyMUSH/Mac and don't specify a preference not to be added will be added by default. If you're on the list and don't want to be, just let me know.


TinyMUSH/Mac is available as a single package which includes all programs and files involved in running the server. It does not include any client programs or system software.

TinyMUSH/Mac is now available exclusively via FTP, at <>.

TinyMUSH/Mac components

Required software

Client software

TinyMUSH/Mac does not include any client software. If you want to connect to the MUSH server from a Macintosh, you'll need a program to do so. The Mac Orchard is a good place to look for MUSH clients.

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